Fishing tournaments are full of excitement, preparation, and fun. It's an opportunity to socialize with some of the best fishermen and fisherwomen in the world, travel to new coastal locations, meet new people, and learn. If you're skilled and lucky, you can also win money and prizes totalling more than a million dollars! Some tournaments also provide a lot of money to charities and worthy causes.

Since most tournaments involve potential winnings and money, it's necessary to have a written contract established between the boat owner, crew, and anglers as to how any winnings will be divided. Sushi Sportfishing and its Captain(s) and Mate(s) get specific percentages of any winnings, as negotiated and specified on this Contract. The Owner of Sushi Sportfishing, its Captain(s) and Mate(s), and all clients fishing on Sushi during the tournament MUST sign this Contract prior to any tournament fishing. In the event a tournament is fished on Sushi and a contract has not been established, the default minimum percentage distributions of any tournament winnings are 60% to the clients/anglers listed on the tournament entry forms, 20% to Sushi Sportfishing, 10% to the Captain(s), and 10% to the Mate(s). By fishing on Sushi during any tournament without a Contract signed by all parties as specified above, you unconditionally accept and agree to these terms.

June 9-17, 2017
2017 The Big Rock, Morehead City, NC
Fish the largest Blue Marlin tournament in the USA with payout total over $1,000,000! This is a week-long tournament where you fish 4 out of 6 days, there is an affiliated Ladies tournament on the Saturday prior to it, and there are many social events and dinners every night. Start the summer fishing season out right with The Big Rock experience.
Purse: $1,000,000+
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

June 21-24, 2017
2017 Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament, Virginia Beach, VA
This is a one out of three day tournament. Tournament fishing days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday June 21th, 22th, and 23th. Fishing hours are from 7:30am to 3:00pm on all three days. EACH BOAT AND REGISTERED PARTICIPANT (CAPTAIN, MATE, OR ANGLER) MAY FISH THE TOURNAMENT ONLY ONE DAY.
Purse: $130,000+
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

July 14-16, 2017
2017 Ocean City Tuna Tournament, Ocean City, MD
The world's largest tuna tournament with payout total over $500,000! Payouts for largest tuna (first to third), most total weight (first to third), and other categories. A fun 3-day tournament on the weekend (Friday to Sunday) with tent dinners and live music nightly. Awards banquet immediately following the end of the weigh-ins on Sunday evening.
Purse: $600,000+
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

July 28-30, 2017
2017 OC Big Fish Classic, Ocean City, MD
Purse: $100,000+
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

August 7-11, 2017
2017 White Marlin Open, Ocean City, MD
Fish the world's biggest tournament with the largest payouts! We won $574,000 in this one in 2013 with a 276 lb bigeye tuna. Come experience the daily excitement and social events with the world's best boats, crews, and spectators on this week-long tournament fishing 3 out of 5 days Monday-Friday.
Purse: $2,800,000+/-
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

August 17-19, 2017
2017 Poor Girls Open, Ocean City, MD
The Poor Girls Open is a ladies only billfish release tournament benefiting breast cancer research. There are also added entry levels for tuna and dolphin. This tournament was started by Capt. Steve Harman as a way for local waitresses and bartenders to have an affordable and fun competition while raising money for a very important cause. The tournament continues to grow with over 100 boats entering. Participation is not limited only to anglers as there are silent auctions, 50/50 tickets, T-shirts for sale, and other fun events helping to raise money for breast cancer research. In the past 3 years alone, the Poor Girls Open has raised over $100,000 that was donated to the American Cancer Society.
Purse: $10,000+
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

August 20-25, 2017
2017 Mid-Atlantic 500, Ocean City, MD
Started back in 1992, the “Mother of All Marlin Tournaments” as it was called, posted an unprecedented upfront prize of $500,000. Calcutta entries that first year put the total purse over $1,000,000, making the Mid-Atlantic the first bona fide million dollar billfishing contest.
Purse: $2,500,000+
Book Here or call Capt. Charley Pereira 252-216-OBX1 (6291)

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