Note: We now post most of our reports and photos on our Sushi Sportfishing - Facebook Page, to allow easier communication to a wider audience. We may still occasionally update this section of our website. Thanks for looking at our page and we look forward to fishing with you.

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    August, 2008 Back to Top    
August, 13
Blue Marlin
August, 12
yellowfin, bluefin, & blackfin tuna plus mahi

    July, 2008 Back to Top    
July, 19
July, 16
A couple more days
July, 8
A stormy day?

    June, 2008 Back to Top    
June, 26
A lovely pair
June, 23
Blue Marlin and the meat
June, 19
limit of dolphin, beautiful day
June, 18
Fishing with friends
June, 13
Make up charter
June, 9
Blue Marlin pics & trips reports coming from Scott soon

    May, 2008 Back to Top    
May, 30
Meat Slam!
May, 20
Blue Marlin!
May, 18
Back To Fishing
May, 18
Pics of Wedding at Latest House
May, 18
2nd Set of Wedding Pics
May, 18
Last Set of Wedding Pics at Croatan Ridge

    April, 2008 Back to Top    
April, 25
Eric Oaks and friends

    January, 2008 Back to Top    
January, 30
2008 season coming up...

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