We've assembled some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our charter trips. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact us through email or call Capt Charley at 252-216-6291.

Q. What kind of trips do we run and what do we catch?
A. We run full-day trips (about 12 hours) to the Gulfstream or near the Continental Shelf where we mainly troll and chunk for tuna, blue and white marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo, mako shark, king mackeral, etc. With advance notice, we can also do special trips like overnight chunking for tuna and sharks, live baiting for king mackeral, bottom fishing for grouper and tilefish, or most anything you can dream up. Call Capt. Charley at 252-216-6291 or email him at charley@sushisf.com if you want to arrange a special trip.
Q. What do we need to bring with us on a fishing trip?
A. Food, drinks, ice for your food and drinks, sunscreen (preferably lotion, not oil), sunglasses (polarized lenses if possible so you can see the fish under the surface), and digital cameras or video recorders. We furnish all bait, ice for the fish, and tackle.
Q. May I bring an observer along as an extra person?
A. US Coast Guard regulations limit the number of paying passengers to no more than 6. On certain occasions we do allow a photographer/videographer to come along to record for shows and other marketing purposes, and observers for tournaments and other legit reasons.
Q. Will you guarantee that we'll catch fish?
A. If there was a guarantee they'd call it "catching" not "fishing"! While we guarantee that we will constantly strive to produce fine catches there are rarely any guarantees regarding catches in the fishing industry...
Q. What happens to the fish we catch?
A. All billfish (sailfish, marlin, spearfish, etc.) caught on Sushi will be released alive unless they cannot be revived due to circumstances beyond our control. The exception to this rule is swordfish of legal size that charters want to keep for meat. During non-release billfish tournaments some billfish may be kept if the Captain deems they are large enough to place in the tournament. All meat fish caught on Sushi charter trips are the property of the charter clients WITH THE EXCEPTION that any bluefin tuna 73 inches curved-fork length (CFL) or longer caught during any open commercial bluefin season is the property of Sushi Sportfishing, Inc. Specific size, bag limits, and release regulations (Federal and State) apply according to the various species.
Q. Are fish cleaning services available?
A. Yes, experienced fish cleaners are available, for a nominal per-pound fee, to clean and bag your catch upon your return to the dock. You specify how many portions you want the filets divided into and they will do the rest while you wait on the docks or up in the dockside bar & restaurant.
Q. If I catch a trophy fish, how do I make arrangements to mount it?
A. Congrats on your beautiful fish! To preserve that memory and the lifelike color for you and your family & friends, we can get beautiful replica mounts made of your fish for a reasonable price. Your Captain can take care of ordering a fish mount for you - the fish only needs to be measured or its size estimated - you don't need to kill the fish. In fact, taxidermists these days only do replica mounts with the many molds they have taken from real fish over the past 40+ years, then they paint them to match the colors of the live fish. They don't do "skin" mounts anymore like they did 20 or 30 years ago, so killing a fish merely for a "mount" is useless and the new painted fiberglass mounts last much longer than the old "skin" mounts.
Q. What is a customary tip for the Mate?
A. Mates depend on tips to make a reasonable daily income, just like waiters in a restaurant. Mates typically work an hour before and after the trip to get ready and to clean up, plus the full day of fishing, so their days are long. Please tip like you would in a restaurant - 15% to 20% of the charter price, more or less depending on the quality of their service.
Q. Do we need a fishing license?
A. No, we pay a blanket license fee to the state of NC every year to cover the cost of licensing our clients.
Q. What shouldn't you bring?
A. Please do not bring black-soled shoes or boots (may mark up boat), bananas, GPS of any kind, anything illegal, or bad attitudes...Relax, Mon, eez a day offshore. :)
Q. Anything else we should know before the trip?
A. Please wipe your feet on the dock mat before getting on the boat and clean any fish blood off your shoes and clothing before going back into the cabin. Please do not spill food and drinks on our cabin upholstery and carpet...If it's rough seas, we suggest you do your eating and drinking in the cockpit, not over the leather upholstery, carpet, or teak interior...We try to keep the boat looking nice for you and this helps us a lot! We DO NOT allow smoking or barfing inside the boat - please take it outside and try to keep it overboard. We have the newest, modern Raritan Engineering marine toilet available. In order to keep it and everybody else on the boat happy, please do not put anything in the toilet unless you ate it at least an hour or two ago (no female hygiene products), as this will likely clog the toilets and you'll smell the back-up odors for the rest of the day in the cabin and everybody else on the boat will give you dirty looks... If you're a big guy and leave big ones...a midway courtesy flush will go a long way towards assuring a happy marine toilet system and no clogs. Better to discuss this now than after a problem occurs...
Q. ################
A. Clients wishing to fish tournaments on Sushi are required to sign a Sushi Sportfishing Tournament Contract prior to competing in any fishing tournament. This Contract specifies who gets what portion of any prizes and money that are won. Sushi Sportfishing and its Captain(s) and Mate(s) get specific percentages of any winnings, as negotiated and specified on this Contract. The Owners of Sushi Sportfishing, its Captain(s) and Mate(s), and all clients fishing on Sushi during the tournament must sign this Contract prior to any tournament fishing. In the event a tournament is fished on Sushi and a contract has not been established, the default minimum percentage distributions of any tournament winnings are 60% to the clients/anglers listed on the tournament entry forms, 20% to Sushi Sportfishing, 10% to the Captain(s), and 10% to the Mate(s). By fishing on Sushi during any tournament without a Contract signed by all parties as specified above, you unconditionally accept and agree to these terms.
Q. What are your rates for 2016?
A. Our 12-hour day trip rates are $2,100 out of Pirates Cove Marina in Manteo, NC and $2,700 out of Ocean City, MD. Both rates are for up to 6 people, which includes your Fishing Licenses and all bait, ice, tackle, etc. We also do 24 to 36 hour overnight offshore trips which start at $3,600 in NC and $4,200 in MD, where we target swordfish, tuna, mako and other large sharks, and deep-drop bottom species. If you've never done an overnighter offshore you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Overnight trips require better weather conditions than day trips so we recommend booking these for weekdays when we are less busy and can slide the trip a day or 2 in either direction to catch a reasonably calm night.
Q. How do we book a trip on the Sushi?
A. To book trips, use our booking calendar on this website or call Capt Charley at 252-216-6291, then mail your $600 deposit for each day to Sushi SF, 4616 Argyle Terrace NW, Washington, DC 20011. Be sure to put the date(s) of your trip on the memo section of your check and include contact info with cell phone. You can also call Pirates Cove Marina at 800-367-4728 and they can take your booking with a credit card deposit. Note that deposits are non-refundable and carry over annually until used, so you can reschedule for later this year, next year, or whenever you can use the credit. If you are blown out due to weather or we have a mechanical break-down that prevents you from going, we will reschedule your trip with this deposit. If you no-show or don't give at least 7 days advance notice of cancellation of your trip, your deposit may be forfeited 100% at the sole discretion of Sushi Sportfishing, Inc.

All Bait, Ice and Tackle is furnished

$600 deposit is due within 7 days of making a reservation. Please send to Sushi Sportfishing, Inc, 4616 Argyle Terrace NW, Washington, DC 20011.

Trip may be cancelled at the sole discretion of the Captain due to inclement weather. Every effort will be made to inform parties of possible bad weather with as much advance notice as possible, but weather can change overnight and no advance notice of cancellation due to weather is guaranteed. Party is expected to be at the dock ready to fish on the day of the charter, unless otherwise notified. If possible provide the Captain with your cell phone number, email, and local phone number at the time of booking so we can contact you. Cancellations by Captain due to weather will be rescheduled.

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